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About Us

Objective of MSCCE is empowering unemployed and under privileged youth with right skills for Employability and Entrepreneurship. MSCCE provide a strong framework to create a pool of skilled youth who can be gainfully employed and earn a dignified living with the right skill-sets. We invite the students and the industries to see the world-class facilities and capabilities of MSCCE, in developing readily employable skilled manpower and to utilize this platform for their benefit.

Skill development has been considered one of the critical aspects for job creation in India. India has unique demographic advantage with more than 60% of the population is in young age group. But in order to get dividend from such large work force, employability has to be improved. As per current statistics only 10% of the fresh graduates are employable and rest of the 90% lack skills required for eligible to be hired by corporate.

Govt of India has taken initiative for Skill development through public private partnership. There are opportunities for private education players to take advantage of such scheme.


Today, India is the most dynamic and youngest economy across the world. It is currently the most attractive destination for foreign investments and to cater the same we will need trained and educated, and niche workforce in diverse sectors. This will not only curb the current manpower needs, but will also lead to educated, skilled, and employed youth responsible for building a strong nation.

Nurturing students by a bunch of experienced, knowledge packed and energetic teachers is the strongest and the most valuable resource of MSCCE. we accept the challenge to spread our knowledge resource to much more higher scale. Our students are not always bogged in class lectures. Besides regular classes, we organize seminars & workshops for students.

The students from all sections of our society, particularly socially and economically backward students as well as minority class students are looked after with special care. The strong bondage among the teachers, students and employees of the college is our main source of inspiration for marching forward with definite goal and determination